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Warsaw Guide

Warsaw is a city experienced by centuries of history. It was found in XIV c. and in XVI c. became a capital of Poland. Between 1655-1660 during the “Swedish Flood”, the city was terribly destroyed. The XVIII c., it was a time of fast development in Warsaw, called The Golden Age of Warsaw, this development took place under the reign of the last of Polish kings Stanislaw August Poniatowski.

During partitions, Warsaw was under the reign of Tsar’s Russia. After the World War I, Warsaw was again a capital of Poland and in the time between wars experienced economic and infrastructure development. In the year 1939 in Warsaw lived 1.3 million of people of which, almost 400 thousand were Jews. The most incredible thing in Warsaw is its second renewal after the World War II.

People of Warsaw defended their city till the 28th of September. When the Nazi came to Poland and captured the city, they started bloody attacks. In 1943 in Warsaw’s ghetto burst an uprising of Jewish people that was brutally suppressed. In August, 1945 begun the bravest but tragic in results uprising that burst against Germans. Hitler, against the insurgents sent his best tanks, heavy artillery and airplanes.

After 63 days of unfair battle the uprising fell down and Hitler ordered to raze the city to the ground. 85% of former Warsaw vanished and over 700 thousand of people were killed. The rebuilding of the city took a lot of time. The Old and New Town was rebuilt however the rest of the city was marked with signs of communism.

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Sights A-Z

Copernicus Science Center

Copernicus Science Center The center opened in November 2010 and is one of the most modern attractions of its kind in Europe. It aims to...

Kościół św. Marcina

Kościół św. Marcina The church was originally built in the 14th century, the church is located on Piwna street which is the longest street in...

Łazienki park

Łazienki park One of the most beautiful palaces and garden complexes in Europe. Here you can see several historical monuments and a park in a...


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The tallest building in the EU is in Warsaw

The tallest building in the EU is the Warsaw Skyscraper in Warsaw On Saturday evening, spiers were laid on the new Varso building, which thus...

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